Listen Again – NTS Show from Weds

You can listen again to our show on NTS Radio on Wednesday here:

NTS Radio – dollop

Featuring exclusive tracks from Kwesachu, Madteo (pictured), Sega Bodega and more. Plus interviews with Lone via Manchester and Madteo via New York.

NTS are also running an amazing party tmrw night, with A Guy Called Gerald, FunkinEven and loads more. More info about that HERE.

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dollop on NTS Tonight – 10pm til Midnight

Tonight we’re holding a one-off dollop show on NTS Radio from 10pm til midnight.

We will be speaking to Lone about his new album ‘Galaxy Garden’, playing some exclusive tracks from Kwes’ new collaboration with Micachu and also talking to New York based producer Madteo.

Music wise we’ll be playing a range of everything we can, so don’t miss out make sure you listen from 10pm.

Listen here:

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Lone – Galaxy Garden

Lone is the creative vision of music producer Matt Cutler, who hit the scene five years ago with the release of his first album, Everything Is Changing In Colour, in 2007. With his futuristic sound and infectious vibe, Lone has a fresh and unique sound that fuses electronic beats with a catchy bass line which fills his music with a radiant energy. Set to be released on May 5th, Lone’s new album, Galaxy Garden, captures the magic of the synthesiser to take you on a psychedelic journey through a jungle of rhythm. The songs have a certain enchantment about them that can take you to another place and bring about a release that is almost hypnotic. When asked about the album and its concept, Matt says “the way I picture this album – is that it’s set in a rainforest at night, looking up at the stars. Looking at space from the ground up and having your mind fucking blown…” Lone teamed up with R&S Records over a year ago and has been working on an album for them ever since; Galaxy Garden slides easily into the intoxicating genre of electronica that R&S have been specialising in for years, alongside artists such as James Blake, Pariah and Space Dimension Controller. An independent record label, R&S are currently at the height of their game, signing some of the best up-and-coming artists in electronic music. Lone is the latest star to spark their ignition and Galaxy Garden is set to bring a fresh glow to its fire.

Catch Lone at ‘dollop presents’ album launch night in Peckham on May 5th

You can also now stream the album in it’s entirety via Hype Machine:

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We are pleased to announce that the seventh guest at our 8th Birthday party in Nottingham is a man who has absolutely killed it every time he has played for us – Standard Place resident, Rinse FM DJ, 502 Records owner and Boiler Room regular DJ ONEMAN.

Oneman is regarded as one of the UK’s foremost DJs, and is the embodiment of the current bass music scene with his trademark quickfire mix of House, Garage, Dubstep & Techno. Check out his recent mix featuring the likes of Hudson Mohawke, Girl Unit, Drake & Jammer – recorded live at fabric at the Rinse vs. FWD>> Boxing Day special.

Hyp 072: Oneman by Hyponik

Catch Oneman at dollop’s 8th Birthday event in Nottingham on Friday June 1st, where he plays alongside Julio Bashmore, Jackmaster, Huxley, Amirali, Dusky, Charlie Banks & lots more.

For info/tickets check out the Facebook Event.

Photo by Kevin Morosky

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Lady Blacktronika Interview

Stage monikers, as far as Akua Grant, aka Lady Blacktronika, is concerned, can be the accidental making of you. Such burdensome aliases could possibly carry the weight and worth of a whole career. Frequently tipped as the ‘First Lady of Beatdown,’ you would anticipate forthcoming deep house virtuoso, Lady B, to assume more of a direct and pensive stance to her self-proclaimed title. Yet, as relative her candidly uncompromising releases are, the name transpired from nothing more than a flippant myspace update.

Luckily for Grant, it couldn’t describe her any better. Born and raised in Northern California, Lady Blacktronika has spent her primer years tailoring her own electronic legacy and forging a bulging black book of producer contacts along the way.

A veracious worker, her productivity is unremitting. Not only has she released a throng of densely important EPs in the past year but has been involved with founding Cocaine Records alongside Mattski, developed her own social community, Deep’N‘ Dusty, and has recently set up her latest label venture, Sound Black Recordings. On top of all that, this buoyant entrepreneur is set to make her UK debut at London’s Corsica Studios on Friday as part of Dollop’s involvement with The Garden Get Together’s Eglo Takeover. Lady B will play in Room 2, which is hosted by Phonica Records and Rhythm Section.

Before the party starts, Lady B finds time out of her relentless schedule to speak of her humble beginnings, her imminent prospects for the future, and what we can expect from her in two days’ time – that is if she gets over her sore throat!

Ikenga Project | Carolyn Harding – Snow EP by Ms Lady Blacktronika

First off could you briefly introduce yourself?

I’m Akua aka Lady Blacktronika aka Lady B. I’m about realness, creativity and the freedom to be myself. I am currently trying to get over a really bad soar throat before I leave for London tomorrow. I would hate to disappoint because Berlin got me sick.

How long have you been involved with electronic music? How rapidly have your tastes evolved since your prime?

I got involved really in my mind and heart when I first heard of house music in 1988. From then on I couldn’t get enough and I knew one day I would be a producer and make a name for myself in underground electronic music. My tastes are ever evolving.

You have referred to singing as your ‘refuge’. How much has vocal samples and your personal affiliation with singing influenced your stance on producing? What takes precedence, vocals or production?

Production. I love to sing but I hate my voice so I’d much rather produce then sing. But, I am very self-critical.

You follow a common thematic motif in your releases rooted in racial and gender issues. Have you found it a challenge to relay your cultural surroundings in your tunes?

It’s something ingrained in me. These will always be topics of discussion as we are still fighting for freedoms on many fronts race, gender, sexuality or otherwise.

What does it mean to be the self-proclaimed ‘First Lady of Beatdown,’?

The First Lady Of Beatdown started not so much as a self-proclamation but as a joke on my myspace page’s status mood update. Then it just took on a life of its own and who am I to deny the truth?

You have previously expressed your lack of interest for hip-hop and, especially, gangsta rap. Growing up in San Francisco, what was your area of solace? What was it about electronic music that inspired you?

I actually matured with in the gang culture of San Jose and Hollywood not SF. San Francisco was my escape from the reality that I never fit in around San Jose. San Francisco was an hour’s train ride away and it was like Wonderland to me. Then I moved to LA and was in the Hollywood Santa Monica Blvd scene doing sex work for a living. It was a hard life. All my friends were in to Rap and shit I hated but Deep House and Disco was my escape there.

Getting Heavy – Nick Turner Lady B Alternative Vox Mix by Ms Lady Blacktronika

You are deceptively modest about your achievements. Does that transpire from your own conscientious nature or a general fear of the future?

I wouldn’t like to say yes but perhaps on some level. I think mainly it is that I have always been self conscious and very shy on the inside despite my outrageous exterior.

How much do you owe to Matt ‘Mattski’ Avalos in terms of aiding your production career?

He is my brother and in some ways like my teacher when I was younger. He always had the most underground rare and jacking records by producers I wouldn’t have ever heard of. So I owe my education to him and my continued dedication to playing the best and producing the best.

How much of a struggle has it been to get your music heard internationally? How has the initial response in the UK fared in comparison to, for example, Spain?

I can’t really say. Though I put out more records in Spain then any other country I wouldn’t say that is my fan base really. I don’t know about the UK. I think I’m still pretty much unknown there.

What drove you to start up Cocaine Recordings?

Cocaine Recordings was Matt’s and my brain child. I have since moved on to my put out my own label Sound Black Recordings. Cocaine is more a concept now I’d think than a functioning label.

You’ve been praised by Detroit and Juke luminaries such as Mike Huckaby and Dubbyman. Being very much an upcoming artist, how surreal is it to have such established support?

It’s absolutely amazing. I’m always in awe when ever I find out that big names know who I am. Like when I met Theo Parrish for the first time a couple weeks ago, I was shocked to find out he knew who I was and that he actually digs my tracks.

Your tunes levitate from deep house to groove driven disco re-edits. Do you feel Lady Blacktronika has the breadth to explore a vast range of electronic styles or is there a definitive sound you are still seeking to perfect?

I have influences as far flung as Dream Pop Rock like Cocteau Twins and Speedcore so I mean I really place no limits on myself musically. Except of course I don’t ever want to produce pop bullshit.

Superslo (Ladie B Edit) by Ms Lady Blacktronika

Do you still utilise social networking communities, such as your now defunct site, Deep’N Dusty, as a source for new music?

Unfortunately Deep’N Dusty closed. I’m much more in to collecting disco records now than disco downloads. Tumblr is my new hobby outlet for disco madness (laughs).

What with your growing publicity, record label, along with a throng of imminent releases and live dates, how do you find time for it all? Will anything have to take the back burner for a while?

I hope not. We’ll see. Luckily my life allows me to focus on my music endeavours however poor I am because of that focus.

What can we expect from your exclusive Dollop debut on Friday? What sort of reaction are you anticipating?

Well, always hoping for great things. I love to vibe off the crowd.

What’s next for Lady Blacktronkia? What do you have in the pipeline?

After this rest then more music of course. Barcelona, Gothenburg and Sweden are next on my list.

Interview by Tom Watson

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Introducing… Charlie Banks

Charlie Banks

Bournemouth based DJ/Producer Charlie Banks is an emerging talent on the House music scene. Tipped for big things by a number of recognised artists and at the age of only 18 years old, Charlie has already made a great start in his career.

Charlie started off as a bedroom DJ at the age of just 15, where he found a passion for Electronic Music. After hours of practice Charlie began picking up DJ sets at club nights on the South Coast. He then got stuck into production and in the summer of 2011 produced his debut EP which went on to get signed to the Berlin based House label Dirt Crew Recordings.

Saying What (snippet) by Charlie Banks

Passing Walls (snippet) by Charlie Banks

The EP was released in January 2012, with two superb remixes from Bristol based Futureboogie artists Lukas and Christophe. The EP quickly became a huge success, hitting the charts on Beatport, Juno &  What People Play and getting regular plays from some of the biggest names in the game.

Charlie has since been snapped up by Hypercolour Records (home to the likes of Maya Jane Coles, Mosca & Huxley), and with remixes forthcoming for the likes of Wildkats (Hot Creations) the future is looking very bright for the young man from the South Coast.

We are looking forward to welcoming Charlie Banks to play at the dollop Nottingham 8th Birthday event at Stealth on Friday June 1st. For an idea of what to expect, listen to his mix for Dirt Crew’s ‘Dirtcast’ Mix Series:

DIRTCAST #8 | Charlie Banks Mix

For more information/tickets for the Birthday on June 1st check out the dollop Nottingham Facebook event.

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