Everywhere 2015: Hot Since 82

Hot Since 82 (1)
You could hear music journo clichés like ‘meteoric’ and ‘overnight’ used to describe Hot Since 82’s rapid rise to the top and roll your eyes, but that wouldn’t stop them from being true. Simply put, there’s not many other words that do justice for an artist who went from unknown to headliner in what seemed very much blink of an eye. As with most seemingly rapid fire ascents to the top however, it was built on a foundation of passion, determination and years of hard graft.

Born Darren Padley in Barnsley, the eventual House music superstar had a relatively modest beginning growing up with his three brothers and one sister in the town’s Athersley Council Estate. There the relentless and diverse barrage of music emanating from his sibling’s rooms would inspire his eclecticism – whilst weekends spent with his dad fitting massive soundsystems on VW Beetles gave him a tolerance for loud bass that would hold him in good stead later on. He predictably became enraptured with dancefloor culture as soon as he was old enough to sneak into clubs, and quickly began DJ’ing. A natural on the 1’s and 2’s, Padley would quickly become a selector of some repute in his local area, and by 2006 word of his talents had traveled to Ibiza – where he earned a residency at Cream under the banner of Leeds club Glasshouse.

A party staple and a frequent visitor to the White Isle in the following years, he gradually became disillusioned with the more classic House sound that he’d been so enamoured with in his youth. Briefly abandoning DJ’ing and production, it took an inspirational trip out to the heaving dancefloors of Leeds in 2010 to get him back in his groove. Returning to Ibiza a year later, a chance power outage at an after party led to Padley hijacking the soundsystem and playing what would become ‘Let It Ride’ to an enthusiastic crowd. With that tune quickly landing at number 3 on Beatport’s Deep House charts, ‘Hot Since 82′ as we now know it was born.

In the intervening four years Padley’s instantly recognisable brand of muscular, lazer focused Tech-House has seen him pick up plaudits faster than we’ve been able to keep track of. The cover of Mixmag, the Essential Mix, the pinnacle of the Beatport Chart, sell out American tours, a groundbreaking debut album, and his own label have all been taken comfortably in his stride. Always about the music first and foremost, however lofty his career gets, you can always be sure to find Hot Since 82 with his feet firmly on the ground and a smile on his face.

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Hot Since 82 plays Everywhere Festival in Nottingham on Bank Holiday Sunday May 3rd, 2015.

More info/tickets: Everywhere Page / Everywhere Event.

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Everywhere 2015: Newham Generals

Newham Generals

In a scene where authenticity is paramount, few are more ‘real’ than Newham Generals. As a particularly memorable bar from long time fan favourite ‘Violence’ asserts, the tag team of Footsie and D Double E were indeed, “born and raised in the gutter”, with their East London birthplace of Newham remaining one of the capital’s most deprived boroughs even after being vapidly showered with Olympics money in 2012. Whilst Grime may be flirting with mainstream success ever thanks to Kanye co-signs and lofty chart positioning, there’s never any danger that the pair will forget their roots, with Footsie often proclaiming Ghetto Life to be, “no more than a walk to the shop away”.

Individually, Footsie and D Double have roots in British Urban Music that extend beyond Grime and into its foundations – with both cutting their teeth MC’ing over Jungle riddims during the halcyon days of pirate radio. It was during this time that they honed rapid fire deliveries and punch line laden flows that would help them work crowds into a frenzy years later. Meeting each other through radio, they would go on to be integral members of the legendary N.A.S.T.Y crew stable – a group which also served as an early home for the likes of Jammer and Kano. N.A.S.T.Y’s time together would ultimately be short lived and end controversially, but like many of the other members, the pair would go on to bigger and brighter things.

Idolised by Dizzee Rascal as a youth, Footsie and D Double E – now working in tandem as Newham Generals, got their big break when they signed to his Dirtee Stank label. The support of Grime’s biggest break out star saw them cross over to audiences they might never have reached to play venues around the world, whilst also dropping an acclaimed LP in the shape of 2009’s ‘Generally Speaking’. With a steady stream of material flowing ever since, the ever hungry duo have never stopped coming with their winning mix of rave energy, cheeky humour and East London street smarts. See what the fuss is about at EVERYWHERE.

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Newham Generals play Everywhere Festival in Nottingham on Bank Holiday Sunday May 3rd, 2015.

More info/tickets: Everywhere Page / Everywhere Event.

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Everywhere 2015: Joy Orbison

Joy Orbison

A bonafide phenomenon upon its release in 2009, Joy Orbison’s ‘Hyph Myngo’ was as successful a debut as we’ve seen in the world of electronic music for some time. For some producers, the track’s ubiquity may have cast a long shadow over what followed – for the man born Peter O’Grady however, the success was merely a happy accident. Quickly marked out as the saviour ofDubstep/second coming/best thing sliced bread (delete as appropriate), the naturally level-headed O’Grady took it all in his stride where others would have crumbled under the weight of expectation.

Those paying close attention to his development in the five plus year post ‘Myng0′ have witnessed a subtle yet pronounced growth from the artist across each release. Never one to rush things, each track has unveiled another string to O’Grady’s bow; whether its the Usher sampling melodies of ‘Ladywell’, the sunrise Rave euphoria of ‘Ellipsis’, or the cutely percussive lilt of ‘Wade In’. He’s not adverse to having a bit of fun with his fan base either – keeping his authorship of 2011’s underground anthem ‘Sicko Cell’, a ‘secret’ for an impressively long while.

Its his work with former Instra:mental man Boddika which has recently garnered him the most plaudits, with their prolific partnership serving to bring out the best in each member. Although sporadic in their release, their run together has been unwavering in its quality – beginning with the turbo powered Acid of Swamp 81 club smash ‘Swims’. Now given over to its own special imprint, SunkLo, the pair’s work together has a ranged of styles, methods, tones and emotions to some of the most thrilling electronic music to work floors in recent years.

O’Grady’s maturity as a producer is evidenced when he steps up to the decks too. Wheeling around a record bag bulging with underground cuts straight from the cutting edge, forgotten classics and searing curveballs, he has the ability to both surprise and entertain – often all at once. Topping the bill at Everywhere 2015 this Sunday in Nottingham, O’Grady is sure to find yet more new ways to impress.

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Joy Orbison plays Everywhere Festival in Nottingham on Bank Holiday Sunday May 3rd, 2015.

More info/tickets: Everywhere Page / Everywhere Event.

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dollop present… Everywhere 2015

More info/tickets: Everywhere facebook page / Everywhere facebook event. #EverywhereFestival.

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Everywhere 2015: Get to know… KiNK.


KiNK has become one of house music’s most in demand producers and remixers: his tracks easily stand out in any club night and they are second to none in the most competitive environment electronic music has ever seen. His abilities in finding the ‘sweet spot’ of new machines and even of sounds considered ‘classic’ and to reshape them into totally different beasts would be totally enough to justify the phenomenon. Yet this barely touches the surface of the story.

Arguably the world of dance music has not witnessed anyone else rising so clearly from bottom to top just by the centrifugal force of sheer talent. Being based in Sofia, Bulgaria, without a support network, a campaign or any media hype, his music alone – live and in the studio – created a momentum whose end we have yet to see.

Having met Neville Watson over the internet, he first gained recognition with the duo’s collaborative releases on Amsterdam’s Rush Hour. “Inside Out” and “Full Flight” were huge records in 2008 already, but it was an unassuming video of KiNK tweaking a drum machine at home that landed him a gig at Berlin’s ever emblematic Panorama Bar. This also hints at what set him on a trail of live sets that took him to #3 on Resident Advisor’s poll in 2013. By today, he has played the world several times over.

Thus, KiNK’s live sets hold the key to understanding how he creates unparalleled enthusiasm on stage and through his studio output. KiNK’s live sets simply take the hood off – strictly in terms of sound. A small set up of machines and controllers is all there is, but every knob turned produces an audible result. Often he will pass a machine to the audience and incorporate their input in real time. This happens at mind-boggling speed. Hyperactive, yet holding down grooves to kill for. KiNK’s ability to nail smash beats on the fly, visibly and audibly, that most people couldn’t program in weeks of studio work – this ‘credibility of sound’ right where it matters is what sparks the love everywhere he visits.

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KiNK plays a special live set at Everywhere in Nottingham on Bank Holiday Sunday May 3rd, 2015.

More info/tickets: Everywhere Page / Everywhere Event.

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jamie xx – ‘In colour’ album show

Jamie xx will play a release show for his debut album ‘In Colour’ on June 5th at St Johns Church, Hackney. Pre-sale tickets available on Monday at 10am for all those signed up to his mailing list: http://jamiexx.com/#follow

”In Colour” is released on June 1st and can be pre-ordered here: http://yt-r.uk/jamiexx


The show will feature the unique ‘Bowers & Wilkins Sound System’ making its London debut.

Jamie xx will release his debut album In Colour on 1st June 2015 on Young Turks. The eleven track LP includes previous releases ‘Girl’ and ‘Sleep Sound’ as well as forthcoming single ‘Loud Places’, which features vocals from Romy Madley Croft. 

Meanwhile, Jamie xx will be performing around the world over the coming months, including a hometown show at London’s St. John’s Church on Friday 5th June to celebrate the release of In Colour. Tickets for this show will go on presale at 10am on Monday 30th March and general sale at 10am on Wednesday 1st April. For full information, and details of how to sign up for the presale, please head to www.jamiexx.com.

Check out the video for ”Loud Places” (feat. Romy)….

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