Everywhere Info & Set Times

On Sunday May 5th 2013 we are hosting our largest ever event: “Everywhere”.

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The last one hundred Everywhere tickets will be available on the door of the Daytime Terrace Party (on Sunday 5th May from 2pm). Tickets will be one per person, and are priced at £40 inclusive of all booking fees. Unfortunately we cannot process card payments so payment is cash only.

Please bring ID to prove your age (we only accept photo driving licences or passports).

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Here is all of the information you should require:


Prior to the main Everywhere event on Sunday May 5th we are hosting a Daytime Outdoor Terrace Party at The Rescue Rooms from 2pm until 8pm – featuring Maribou State, Loefah (Disco Set) & Special Guests. More info: Everywhere Daytime Terrace Party Facebook Event.

We are also operating a wristband-exchange at The Rescue Rooms Bar from 2pm-8pm, and we recommend all ticket holders/e-ticket holders come and exchange their tickets for wristbands. This will cut down the queue-times later on.

Please note:

  • ALL email collections must bring the following forms of ID: Ticket reference number (on an email), photo ID (for all ticket holders), debit/credit card.
  • If a collection is for more than one ticket – all people MUST be present – for example we cannot cross off 2 tickets out of a 5 ticket order because it causes a nightmare later on at the gate, when the original ticket holder isn’t present.
  • People can give their ticket to someone else – but only if they are also present with the person they are giving it to, and with the following forms of ID: collection/reference number on an email, photo ID (both parties) & debit/credit card.

More info: Everywhere Daytime Wristband Exchange Facebook Event.

(Please note: All times are subject to change).

& lots more TBC.


Each venue is subject to the capacity of each room, so please make sure you get there early for acts you specifically want to see.


Last re-entry to Rock City, The Rescue Rooms & Stealth is STRICTLY 4am, so if you want to end your night at any of these venues please arrive in plenty of time.


Tweet us your photos and highlights using the hashtag #everywherefestival @dollop_UK.
Upload your instagram pictures with the tags #dollop #everywherefestival @dollop_UK


We will be updating this post with more information as it comes in – so check back for more info. Also visit: www.facebook.com/everywherefestival.

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Kurupt FM Interview – MC Sniper & DJ Beats

People Just Do Nothing is a documentary following MC Sniper, DJ Beats and the rest of the ‘chamunity’ as they struggle to make a name for themselves with their pirate radio station, Kurupt FM.

We are pleased to welcome Kurupt FM Takeover at dollop present… EVERYWHERE in Nottingham on Sunday May 5th, 2013.

dollop: Alright boys thanks for chatting to dollop. Where are we talking to you from today?

Sniper: Yes bruvva. We’re just plotting at Kurupt FM HQ. Location is a secret so we can’t tell you that obviously.

Beats: Although they bated it out in that BBC thing a bit.

S: Yeah but we moved it since then.

B: Did we?

S: Nah shut up, if we say we did…

B: Oh yeah, we did. Definitely.

S: Cut all that. Just keep the first bit.

dollop: How have your lives changed since being on BBC 3?

S: It’s mad. Completely different now. I mean, obviously we’re still doing the same thing – keeping Kurupt FM going and everything but there’s been all this other stuff aswell. Like we did a guest mix on 1Xtra one time… and we did a couple of clubnights which we even got paid for, so…

B: Did we?

S: Yeah, I did.

dollop: How was doing legit radio instead of pirate?

B: Much easier. Cos if you drop a clanger, which Steves was doing constantly, then they just cut it out.

S: Yeah but they also cut all of my stuff. We killed it for about 2 hours and they cut it down to 25 minutes. They should have just put the whole set up really but then I reckon they’d probably get loads of complaints.

B: Yeah complaints about the other DJs not being anywhere near as good.

S: Exactly, that’s what I mean.

dollop: I’ve heard some people saying they think you’re just having a laugh with all of this. What have you got to say to that?

S: Obviously I’m naturally very charismatic so that’s probably what they’re talking about. I’m always telling jokes and that…

B: Go on, tell one now.

S: Ah………… Nah, I’m more off the cuff.

B: Like a cufflink.

S: See that? That’s the sort of thing we’re doing. Wordplay. Mine are usually better than that one though.

dollop: It all looks like a smooth operation from the outside but being in Kurupt must get stressful sometimes. Whats the biggest row you guys have ever had?

S: We don’t really argue. Sometimes I have to discipline the boys but there’s not really arguments cos they know that I am always right. This sort of lifestyle can be quite hectic and there’s dramas every now and then.

B: Tell them about Steves.

S: Yeah we got into radio this morning and Steves had burnt a massive hole in the sofa. Like, half of the whole sofa was melted away.

B: He was saying he can’t sleep unless he is blazing.

S: Fair enough if you want to smoke before bed and that. But he’s been going sleep with a lit zoot in his mouth so that he stays buzzing through the whole night.

B: Fire hazard.

dollop: What’s the most reloads you’ve ever done on a tune?

B: 23.

S: Any more is ridiculous.

dollop: What’s the hairiest situation you’ve gotten yourselves in doing pirate radio?

S: One time I got a death threat to my phone. Which was pretty intense but like I say, when you have this sort of lifestyle…

B: It was Miche’s mum in the end weren’t it?

S: Yeah but I didn’t know that at the time otherwise I wouldn’t have been worried. I’d batter Miche’s mum, she’s tiny.

dollop: (for Sniper) If you could clash anyone in history on the mic, who would it be?

S: Future included? Probably myself then. Like, if they had the technology to clone me then I’d be interested to clash a clone of myself. Cos I reckon you’d see that even if you cloned the body, the lyrics are actually something beyond my physical form. Beyond what scientists can understand.

B: Definitely. More spiritual. Can’t clone that.

S: Well, you don’t know that. Who knows what the government are keeping from us.

dollop: (for Sniper again) I know everyone here is excited to get Kurupt in Nottingham on Sunday. Do you reckon you could drop us an exclusive little 16 to commemorate it?

S: Monday is the day that we roll! Tuesday we take total control! Wednesday take back the track! Thursday sit back relax! Friday put down the m.i.c and go raving to a bit of house and g! Sunday we recommend – get down to Everywhere for the mix and blend!!!!!

B: AHAHAA!!! Remixed it!

S: You like that yeah? Didn’t have Saturday in there cos it wouldn’t have worked. But basically just rest on Saturday probably, if you’re going out on the Sunday.

B: Yeah, you wouldn’t go out two days in a row. Save yourself.

S: Like a virgin.

B: Madonna.

dollop: Nottingham’s well known for supposedly having a 2 to 1 girl to boy ratio. What have you got in store for all the ladies that will be in attendance at EVERYWHERE?

S: We’re used to 4 man to a girl battery sort of situation so yeah, gonna be weird for us. Obviously we’ll be bringing along Fantasy, Decoy, Chabuds and that. They’ll probably take the ones that we don’t want.

B: Yeah we get first dibs though cos we’re management level.

S: I get first dibs and you get second.

B: Yeah, I get first dibs of the ones Sniper doesn’t want. So if he says no, then come find me. Look forward to meeting you all.

(Words: Christian Murphy).

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Toyboy & Robin Interview

London’s fast rising producer duo, Toyboy & Robin, have been infectiously fusing the sounds of house music with slices of garage, bass and everything in between.

toyboy & Robin

Raised on a healthy diet of Garage and 90’s RnB & Hip Hop, Toyboy & Robin started gaining admirers early last year when they released the ‘Loving You’ EP and the singles ‘To The Top’ and ‘No More Sunshine’.

We caught up with Toyboy & Robin prior to their appearance at Everywhere which takes place on Sunday May 5th in Nottingham.

dollop: Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to speak to dollop, how are you? Where are we speaking to you from today? 

Robin: No worries at all! Thanks for having us. I’m currently behind a desk…I currently work in music PR to pay the bills!

Toyboy: Rob’s lying, he’s living the dream, he has no bills! I’ve just got back to the office after checking out a venue. Now sat behind a desk too, we’re such rockstars.

dollop: From the hook driven nature of your music its clear your tastes lie outside of just house music and in the realm of RnB/Hip Hop and Pop Music. Is having a strong song-like structure integral to your tunes? 

T: To be honest, I personally never realised our tracks had a song-like structure until a few people picked up on it. I think the main thing that’s integral to our tunes is keeping them interesting. One thing that’s become pretty noticeable to us DJ’ing over the last few years is people can get pretty restless easily these days so rather than dragging tracks out we decided to keep them shorter so people hopefully don’t get bored of them.

dollop: What first drew you in to Dance Music? 

R: Actually it was my friends. They were always playing Hed Kandi stuff whilst I was knee deep in RnB and hip-hop. I hated dance music but slowly but surely I got sucked in. I guess that’s why our music now is still so Rnb-centric

T: I’m the same as Rob, I never really got dance music in my early teens it wasn’t until I got to about lower 6th that I started to understand why all my mates loved it so much. Of course now I’m a big fan.

dollop: How do you see your sound growing in the near future, what ambitions do you have for your music?

R: The plan is to start working with vocalists rather than sample. As for our sound, I think we just always wanna do what feels right and fresh – as well as stay with current trends. Music is just like fashion really – new things become cool and you have to try and stick with trends whilst staying true to yourself. Ideally when the time is right, writing an album is a big ambition of ours.

dollop: You’ve been quoted as saying that the current popularity of Disclosure and music of that ilk is only beginning to approach its peak. Where then, do you see it going, and how do you think Toyboy and Robin could figure in all of it? 

R: Ahh yeah, I feel once the doors are opened to the mainstream world, the popularity of the genre will grow substantially. People like Disclosure and Duke Dumont have definitely opened the doors to the new wave of UK House music and I think it’s only a matter of time before people like Bondax start hitting the charts. I definitely see the scene getting big in USA when EDM dies out. Where we figure in it…who knows?!

dollop: Will ‘Cool Kids’ continue to be the main platform for your music or are you looking to put your music out on a wider range of labels? 

T: We’ve always had a clear vision for CKM but we do feel it is very important to be on other labels as you’ll hit new markets and pick up new fans. Also signing to new labels shows other people that A&R’s / Directors believe in your music. Not everything will always run through CKM, but we do definitely see it as a home for some of our music.

dollop: I’ve heard a live show is in the works. What kind of set up will this employ and what kind of result are you going for with it? 

R: As of right now…we haven’t started anything. But I imagine it will be a case of re-creating our music via Ableton. We’ve always liked the idea of running different melodies of our tracks on top of different drums etc. But it may end up being more…hopefully we’ll know sometime in the near future!

dollop: What’s in the pipeline release-wise for the rest of the year? 

T: We’re just finishing our next single, then hopefully a couple of EP’s. We imagine it’ll be a 2-track late Summer followed by a 3 or 4 track nearing the end of the year.

R: Yeah plus no doubt there will be a few remixes.

dollop: You’ve both got day jobs-has it become a challenge to balance those with musical commitments?

T: For me, it really has. The trouble is my fulltime job is something I really enjoy doing, I only started it a few months ago and never imagined I’d be as busy with it as I am but I really can’t complain. At this point in time some people are struggling to find work let alone doing something they enjoy. I’m fortunate that I’m getting to make a living from 2 jobs that essentially started out as hobbies not so long ago.

R: I think as time moves on it will get increasingly harder. However, day jobs give security where music doesn’t necessarily and I would hate to struggle to make ends meet…student life isn’t one I wish to return to any time soon! Haha.

dollop: You’re making your dollop debut at EVERYWHERE this Sunday. How are you looking forward to it? 

R: Excited would be an understatement. We’ve always wanted to play at dollop but to be on this lineup makes it even better! The gig of the year thus far…but I can’t see the lineup being outdone any time soon!

T: Yeah I echo Rob’s thoughts, been a big fan of what the dollop guys do for a while now so to get to make our debut at this show is unreal. Cheers for having us guys.

Toyboy & Robin’s latest track ‘Jaded’ was released at the end of April and is available now – exclusively on Beatport.

(Words: Christian Murphy).

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D’lex – April 2013 Mix

D’lex – April 2013 Mix:

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Everywhere – Sunday May 5th, 2013

On Sunday May 5th we bring you our biggest event to date – EVERYWHERE:

Tickets: www.tinyurl.com/dolloptickets2013.
Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/402415739841304.

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dollop Present… INC. (London) – April 2013.

The heartfelt, complex sound is completely cutting edge.LA TIMES

INC. is refreshing, but not because it’s ordinary. Its fusion of smoky, high-pitched vocals and soulful, tricked out sounds is heady, sensual music, the type that both unsettles you with its cryptic shrieks and soothes you with its familiar rhythms.The FADER

More info: facebook event / RA event / tickets.

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